Awareness Ribbons as Treasures…

This post was made on our Facebook page this morning, and we’d like to continue the conversation here…

By ChiliTobyMom:

I have another idea. Completely understand why no one would want it, but wanted to throw it out there.

As probably everyone has known someone who is either a cancer survivor or has not survived, I would like to suggest using the cancer ribbbons as treasures. Not sure how the gold values could be done. This is not meant to be a politically correct statement, just something that occured to me.

From our comment thread:

I’ve had some time to think about it. yellow ribbon, red ribbon, the autism ribbon, and a rainbow ribbon for the different types of cancer, any other ribbons?

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  1. I thought about a woodwork tools collection. I have already made 10 icons in photoshop with transparent background. I would like to show you my work but not sure how? is there somewhere I can upload the pictures so you developers can have a look?

    1. Actually the best place to send them would be to travelersquest at, that way we can take a look as a group. Not sure how we would get them off of the facebook admin, since that’s brand new, though I’m sure I could figure it out 😀

  2. I like the sentiment, but not the idea of ribbons. How could one possibly trivialize different forms of cancer and mental illness by turning them into collectibles? We already have so many different ways of showing our support for these causes. I just don’t believe incorporating them into a game is one of them. Would we really feel a sense of achievement getting that HIV ribbon or leukaemia ribbon as a top prize? As opposed to perhaps a lesser form of cancer? Didn’t want to play devils advocate, but I think it’s an option that needed exploring.

    1. I feel you on this one Jamie. I does kind of seem funny, and I am sorry if I offend anyone but can you see someone screaming: I got an HIV ribbon!

      This idea could go both ways, but now I side with Jamie, awareness ribbons aren’t collectibles but something to show support. Buy them, stick them on your car. Don’t bury them for treasure.

    2. Jamie and Randy,

      You both have valid points and after reading them, I agree. I didn’t think of it as burying the ribbon in a negative way. So, Ilene, I’d like to officially withdraw this request. Those of us who have suffered through cancer or know someone who has it, had it, or passed away from it have other ways to support the cause.

      This group is very good in that one one puts another person down. Thank you all for reading my post and my idea.

  3. The Ribbons are a Great idea!
    I just signed up for this and am wondering which name gets used. Sign up required my game name so I assumed it would use that.

    1. By default it uses your name, however it can be changed in your profile to use your “user name”… My hope was that in the groups we’d see the “name” field, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I hope that everyone chooses their id as their player id so we can just set the system to use that by default instead of the “real name”…

  4. how about:
    red/white/blue – Support our Troops
    Red/yellow – support our FireFighters
    Blue/white – support our law enforcement
    silver/blue – medical profession

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