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You may have noticed that we’re not posting much here anymore. Most of our interaction with our players is happening over on Facebook these days. Take a peek!

Facebook Page, Twitter and of course our Unofficial Facebook Group – run by players, for players.

Each new release of Traveler’s Quest comes with a great new release contest, and of course we have limited edition contests and other fun stuff happening on the Facebook page.

Traveler’s Quest FAQ

Game Play

Travelerโ€™s Quest is a game which allows you to buy maps, track down virtual treasure in the real world and add it to your virtual collections. The maps are not just part of the game, they belong to other people around you who are also playing the game! Thatโ€™s right, when you bury your treasures, they can be dug up by other players in the game who can then choose to rebury them or hold on to them in their treasure room!
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Extended Play: Easter 2012 Completion Contest

I know there are quite a few players that didn’t get their final needed treasures to finish the Easter 2012 collection. So, you have until Saturday Night/Sunday Morning to finish up the collection for a Captain’s Pack. Not as glorious as our Commodore Pack of course, but hey, who can pass up free Doubloons? ๐Ÿ˜€ Comment here when you complete the collection!

— The fine print — Only players who have NOT received a Commodore Pack tonight are eligible for this contest ๐Ÿ˜€ The times are always US Eastern Time (UTC -0500), and I have the right to sleep in on Sunday and not post doubloons until afternoon ๐Ÿ˜€ Time to end will be NOON SHARP on Sunday April 15, 2012.

Good luck!

Easter 2012 Completion Contest

Ok, we’re finally starting to get some completes on Easter 2012… SO…

Comment on this thread ONLY if you have completed the Easter 2012 collection. Feel free to post in the forums if you’re missing items etc ๐Ÿ˜€ Trying to keep this thread clean for the give away! On a side note, there is a thread on our Facebook page as well – please note, you can only win the doubloons ONCE per collection!

Don’t forget! If you’re not posting as your player name, make sure you add it in with your comment saying you’ve completed the collection, or we won’t be able to send you your doubloons! So, here we go!

Enquiring minds want to know!

We know a lot of you already through Facebook – but there are more players still that we don’t know, and would like to get to know better. So here’s your chance to give us a little information about you!

How did you hear about Traveler's Quest?

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If you would like to share more specific information about how you heard about our obsession, please feel free to add your notes to the comments!

How long have you been playing Traveler's Quest?

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Easter 2012 Collection!

Each year we celebrate spring by releasing our Easter collection. This year we are adding another incentive – a collection bonus in the form of a Commodore’s Pack! Complete the Easter Collection before the gnomes stop burying these lovely gems, and let us know either here OR on our designated Facebook wall post, to receive your prize! Don’t forget to let us know what your player name is so we can validate your find and credit your account!

Also, make sure to keep one of each of these limited edition treasures in your treasure room – or risk loosing your in game collection bonus when another player digs up your wonderful find!

Good luck!

Getting Started – A quick guide to success in Traveler’s Quest

We get some really great question and answer sessions on Facebook. The answers Andy gives below give you a real testament to the great players we have, and the knowledge they share.

Vio Marcu: I just found this game about 4-5 days ago. Still trying to figure out how to do things. I found no strategy yet but not to sell any treasures and to bury them as far as possible from the place where I found them. I upgraded to lvl 2 – detect deeper treasures and i also got the bury lvl2 so i can bury them deeper. Any other tips?

Late Red: By all means search for treasure whenever you travel, but also make a point of searching regularly (up to 4 or 5 times a day if you can) when you are at home or Continue reading “Getting Started – A quick guide to success in Traveler’s Quest”

Avoid the gallows!

Avoid the Gallows

“Avoid the gallows! Fair gameplay is one of Kitty Code’s top priorities! Any users found participating in any malicious, offensive or cheating behaviors will be permanently suspended from Traveler’s Quest”

Here at TQ we play by the rules. If you find a way to cheat, we will happily ban you from the game – automatically no less. Our players appreciate this part of our process, even if our newer players do not… We warn our players with this notice as they walk through the tutorial, and accept our terms… If you use a jailbroken phone, best to make sure those extra features which will get you banned are turned off. This includes backgrounder, IAP Cracker, and other nefarious apps which would allow you to cheat the system. It is a slap in the face to every other player for [quite] a few bad apples to decide they are above the rules…

You have been warned.


This week has been a little rough around the edges. Well, not the whole week, but Wednesday was definitely a bummer for most! First of all, we have had a HUGE influx of new players thanks to our Free App A Day (#FAAD) promotion which we ran on Wednesday. The unfortunate part of this promotion was that it showed that our servers needed to be optimized – and quickly! The sheer number of new players brought our servers to their proverbial knees, and gave many new players a very bad first glimpse of our great game. Some players have said that this is the price of success – and while I whole heartedly agree, it’s still unacceptable, much like Twitter’s “Fail Whale”, which we still find happens, but not nearly as often as in the beginning, when everyone was jumping on board.

We spent a LOT of time optimizing things on Wednesday, and when many of you came into the game on Thursday, things were not only back to normal, but faster than they have been in quite some time! The game just feels snappier – because it is!

For our long time players who have such confidence in our abilities as a team, we would like to thank you VERY much! For our new players that have stuck it out, and tried again, we would also like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to re-prove ourselves. We know that a bad first impression is very hard to overcome, but we are confident that you will see past the error of our ways, and come to enjoy our game.

Happy Treasure Hunting!

The very small, and very tired TQ Team ๐Ÿ˜€