Getting Started – A quick guide to success in Traveler’s Quest

We get some really great question and answer sessions on Facebook. The answers Andy gives below give you a real testament to the great players we have, and the knowledge they share.

Vio Marcu: I just found this game about 4-5 days ago. Still trying to figure out how to do things. I found no strategy yet but not to sell any treasures and to bury them as far as possible from the place where I found them. I upgraded to lvl 2 – detect deeper treasures and i also got the bury lvl2 so i can bury them deeper. Any other tips?

Late Red: By all means search for treasure whenever you travel, but also make a point of searching regularly (up to 4 or 5 times a day if you can) when you are at home or at work, i.e. places you spend a lot of time at. This will begin to concentrate bot-dropped treasure in a 6-mile radius of those locations, which you can then more easily collect.

Bury the treasures you get to earn daily gold income. If there are no other real players near you that can be a benefit as your treasure will stay in the ground for longer and earn you more income for longer. If there are active players near you, you may lose your buried items more quickly, so try to bury in more off-the-beaten track locations, or keep the treasures unburied if you have a vacation or longer-distance trip coming up and bury them then.

To increase your collection score, keep at least one of each item unburied. If you bury everything you get, you will probably lose them in time and thus have incomplete collections.

For a long time when I started playing I was the only player for at least a hundred miles so I just buried everything I found. This was OK until eventually other people started playing in my area, or just passed through, and I lost a lot of rare treasures. I still have quite a few incomplete sets to this day, having lost items this way.

Also consider keeping some further duplicate treasures unburied to keep for possible future trades with other players – but equally bear in mind that you gain strength in game by levelling up, and to do this you need gold income from burying treasure.

There are pros and cons to all the different tactical possibilities, and there isn’t necessarily a correct set of tactics to adhere to.

To a certain extent it depends on local playing conditions (proximity of other active players, people passing through, and your own scope for travel), and this helps keep choice of tactics an interesting challenge.
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It is difficult to advise on what upgrades to concentrate on first.

In terms of burying level or digging level, personally I’d concentrate on increasing your burying level for quite a while first. This will increase your prospects of keeping stuff buried and earning you gold for longer. All bot-drops technically drop at level 1 detect anyway so you’ll still make regular finds to bury, even with a low detect/dig level for an extended period.

Of course, others may have a different preferred tactic 🙂

Finally for now, I’ve found all the one-off upgrades worth purchasing.

Enhanced News can help you with strategy, as you get a better picture of activity in your area.

The Dig Radius and Bury Radius make it clearer where you need to be to be in range of a dig, and also how close geographically people have to get to dig up your stuff – useful in determining in precisely where to bury to make it harder for others to dig.

Treasure History upgrade? I find it fascinating to see where treasures have travelled over time and which other players have held them, so I wouldn’t want to be without treasure history. Not essential, but more of general interest if that appeals.

Thank you Andy for the great write up!

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  1. my strategy is level up trap and bury, the idea being once I have a lot of treasure safely buried i can generate large amounts of gold and upgrade detect later on.

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