Easter 2012 Completion Contest

Ok, we’re finally starting to get some completes on Easter 2012… SO…

Comment on this thread ONLY if you have completed the Easter 2012 collection. Feel free to post in the forums if you’re missing items etc 😀 Trying to keep this thread clean for the give away! On a side note, there is a thread on our Facebook page as well – please note, you can only win the doubloons ONCE per collection!

Don’t forget! If you’re not posting as your player name, make sure you add it in with your comment saying you’ve completed the collection, or we won’t be able to send you your doubloons! So, here we go!

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  1. Between the Facebook thread and this one, we had near 70 Commodore Pack Winners in our Complete the 2012 Easter Collection this year! Congratulations to everyone who was able to complete their collections! Don’t forget to watch for more Complete the Collection Contests!

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