Game Server Outage…

Good evening everyone. By now most, if not all of you know that our game servers took a hit today. We still do not have a cause, nor do we have a resolution, but we are confident that our host will get the servers back up and in working order soon.

Since we’re all playing the waiting game, we’ve decided to make a contest out of determining when the servers come back up for everyone! So, here’s the deal. Be the first to comment here to receive a Commodore Pack of Doubloons for your efforts!

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the down time which, unfortunately cannot be helped and worse, is outside of our control. I would personally like to thank everyone on the Facebook Fan Page that has shown such support for us today – it really shows the great community effort that everyone has made, and we hope to continue here. My favorite post comes from LateRed:

Fortunately I haven’t been adversely affected by today’s server outrage, being stuck at work…….

……..but when I am, I try to think of them like wind-less, becalmed, days in the times of real pirates and treasure hunters when they couldn’t hunt either.

Sometimes things just don’t go right!

It helps (but only a bit!). 🙂

We have the most understanding players on the planet, and I’d like to thank you all!

Ilene Jones, CEO

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  1. Randy: You made the first — and ONLY — comment about it being back up 😀 So you get the prize! Congrats!

    Next question – whats your TQ Player Name? I can’t find you under the name you chose here.

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