This week has been a little rough around the edges. Well, not the whole week, but Wednesday was definitely a bummer for most! First of all, we have had a HUGE influx of new players thanks to our Free App A Day (#FAAD) promotion which we ran on Wednesday. The unfortunate part of this promotion was that it showed that our servers needed to be optimized – and quickly! The sheer number of new players brought our servers to their proverbial knees, and gave many new players a very bad first glimpse of our great game. Some players have said that this is the price of success – and while I whole heartedly agree, it’s still unacceptable, much like Twitter’s “Fail Whale”, which we still find happens, but not nearly as often as in the beginning, when everyone was jumping on board.

We spent a LOT of time optimizing things on Wednesday, and when many of you came into the game on Thursday, things were not only back to normal, but faster than they have been in quite some time! The game just feels snappier – because it is!

For our long time players who have such confidence in our abilities as a team, we would like to thank you VERY much! For our new players that have stuck it out, and tried again, we would also like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to re-prove ourselves. We know that a bad first impression is very hard to overcome, but we are confident that you will see past the error of our ways, and come to enjoy our game.

Happy Treasure Hunting!

The very small, and very tired TQ Team 😀

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  1. Dear very small and very tired TQ team,

    Thank you again for such a fun experience. Obviously, it’s more than a game for many of us 🙂 Which is why we will do our best to change any bad impressions people may have gotten from the server problem, while you rest.
    Seriously, go get some rest:)

    Love and treasure dreams,
    your loyal pirate community

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