Game Server Outage…

Good evening everyone. By now most, if not all of you know that our game servers took a hit today. We still do not have a cause, nor do we have a resolution, but we are confident that our host will get the servers back up and in working order soon.

Since we’re all playing the waiting game, we’ve decided to make a contest out of determining when the servers come back up for everyone! So, here’s the deal. Be the first to comment here to receive a Commodore Pack of Doubloons for your efforts!

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the down time which, unfortunately cannot be helped and worse, is outside of our control. I would personally like to thank everyone on the Facebook Fan Page that has shown such support for us today – it really shows the great community effort that everyone has made, and we hope to continue here. My favorite post comes from LateRed:

Fortunately I haven’t been adversely affected by today’s server outrage, being stuck at work…….

……..but when I am, I try to think of them like wind-less, becalmed, days in the times of real pirates and treasure hunters when they couldn’t hunt either.

Sometimes things just don’t go right!

It helps (but only a bit!). 🙂

We have the most understanding players on the planet, and I’d like to thank you all!

Ilene Jones, CEO

2011 Best App Ever Contest Results

2011 Best App Ever Nominee Badge

2011 Best App Ever Nominee Badge The 2011 Best App Ever Contest has now come and gone, leaving Traveler’s Quest as an Honorable Mention in all three categories. With that being said, we could not have gotten that nomination, let alone honorable mention without you the players pitching in your support! So we would like to thank everyone for taking the time to place your nominations and your votes for our humble little app 😀

Congratulations go to each of the winners!  It’s not easy being a top app when there is such a vast array of apps coming out each day!

Best Location Based App Results
Best Outdoor App Results
Best MMO Game Results

— The Traveler’s Quest Team

Awareness Ribbons as Treasures…

This post was made on our Facebook page this morning, and we’d like to continue the conversation here…

By ChiliTobyMom:

I have another idea. Completely understand why no one would want it, but wanted to throw it out there.

As probably everyone has known someone who is either a cancer survivor or has not survived, I would like to suggest using the cancer ribbbons as treasures. Not sure how the gold values could be done. This is not meant to be a politically correct statement, just something that occured to me.

From our comment thread:

I’ve had some time to think about it. yellow ribbon, red ribbon, the autism ribbon, and a rainbow ribbon for the different types of cancer, any other ribbons?


Traveler’s Quest is a GPS game made specifically for the iPhone.  In this game, you are the traveler, the hunter, the pirate who is trying to find the treasure, complete collections and gain achievements.  During this time, you’re also collecting the stories of your adventures.  Now it’s your turn to share your stories, and become part of the legend of Traveler’s Quest.